Zendrum The Source
Zendrum Discussion Group The place to interact with other Zen users
ZendrumWear For the Stylin' Zendrummer
Bands using Zendrum Style Zendrum Player
4given Original Contemporary Christian Thomas J. Landin
9 & Zen World music duet, Zen & 9-string bass Jeremy Slead
Downtown Trio Progressive Rock Rob Silverman
John Emrich John Emrich
Funky Drums Fusion Funk Steve Pearson
Hands On With Zig World Music/Techno/Contemporary Zig Wajler, Jr.
Maurice and the Mindset RnB, Motown Jonathan B. Orrison
Matthew Antolick   Matthew Antolick
Mo'Rockin Contemporary Moroccan at Epcot Matthew Antolick, Dale Black, Keith Wilson
ONOFFON Jazzish Music By OnOffOn Dave Goode
Psyche Of Sound Alternative pop/rock Erich Davis
Tom Roady World Tom Roady
Too Hip For The Room Acoustic/Alternative Paul DeStefano
Wild Geese Irish Rebel Mike Morgan
Of Zendrum Interest  
Zendrum History Zendrum Background at The Keyboard Museum
Kenton Wireless MIDI Manufacturers
Patchman's Kenton Page US Source for Kenton
Patchman's MidiJet Pro Page Wireless MIDI
Patchman's Battery Box Page To buy a Battery Merge Box for use with a Wireless MIDI system
Harmony Central Zendrum Review
Silverman Music Some Zendrum Video Clips
Vdrums Roland VDRUM user site (lots of crossover with Zen users)
Of Other Interest  
AlternateMode Reason use tips
NutCity A friendly and popular world wide musicians messageboard
Alesis Popular drum module manufacturer
MultiPart Mixed Reason/Laptop tutorials
Natural Studio Free Samples
Propellerheads Creators of "Reason" Software
Roland Popular drum module manufacturer
Sonic Implants Sample source
STec Shareware Sysex Tool
Wizoo Sample Source



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