Zendrum Melodic Finger

Zendrum Melodic Finger
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As The Smallest Instrument in the Zendrum Family, The Zendrum Melodic Finger is Perfectly Suited for Situations Where Space is Limited and Fewer Octaves are Required. But like all Zendrum Instruments, its Sensitivity is Without Equal and Can Be Used to Trigger Any Sound Imaginable. It features 25 Small Zendrum Triggers in a 2 Octave Configuration on a Solid Zebrawood Body, Zen-Edit Visual Editor for More Advanced Operations, a ZMF Gig Bag, and a Lifetime Warranty. Every Zendrum Instrument is Personally Designed, Built, Tested, and Guaranteed by Zendrum Inventor/Co-Founder David Haney.

Length 26 Inches
Depth 7 Inches
Height 3 Inches
Weight 10 Lbs
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