The Premier Visual Editor For Your Z4 Zendrum

Never before has it been this easy to optimize your Zendrum for your own personal playing style.

With ZenEdit, all the editing you could do on your Zendrum you can now do from the comfort of your PC or Macintosh,

with an easy-to-use visual editor.

ZenEdit goes beyond basic editing and unlocks hidden features of your Zendrum that you can access no other way.

ZenEdit is included free of charge with all new Zendrums, or can be purchased separately. 

For more information about ZenEdit, click here.


Zendrum ZIP
The ZIP is our most compact stationary MIDI controller, designed with our smallest  footprint specifically to fit in tight spaces. It is perfect for hybrid use with your drums, keyboard, guitar, or studio setup. It can be mounted to a snare stand (via optio...
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