Z4 Retrofit

Upgrade Your Zendrum to Current Specs 

The Z4 circuitboard is standard in all six Zendrum models: EXP, ZX, LT, Z1, ZAP, and ZAP2. The Zendrum controller now responds with all the subtle nuance of a fine instrument, powered by the inproved precision, speed, resolution, and dynamic articulation in the new generation Z4 circuitboard technology. The new MIDI Channel-Per-Trigger feature has vastly opened up the programming options. New Hi Hat pedal control input, volume pedal control input, and additional trigger options maximize capability with all the latest software and hardware. The new Dedicated Save Function makes it much easier to try out edits before committing them. You can change several parameters of a preset then simply revert back to the previously saved version with ease, or you can easily commit your changes to be there when you fire the Zendrum back up. The Z4 circuitboard is now available for all new Zendrum models and for retrofits to all existing Zendrums. And, to access even more advanced programming features of the Z4 circuitboard, check out the ZenEdit Visual Editor (sold seperately). 

Available Z4 Retrofit Options

Z4 Retrofit on 1996-2009 3.0 Models $450
Z4 Retrofit on 1994-1995 2.0 Models $650
MidiJet Pro Internal Wireless/Battery Power (Z4 Circuitboard Required) $450
Additional Triggers (Up to 5, or 6 Without Trigger Jack) $30 per
Additional 1/4" Jacks for Trigger or CC Sweep Pedal (Up to 2) $30 per
CC Sweep Knob (Up to 2) $30 per








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