Warranty Information

Every Zendrum and Zendrumdrive is designed, built, tested, and personally tech supported by Zendrum Inventor and Co-Founder David Haney.

Should you EVER need service or upgrades, Zendrum Corporation is a user-friendly, personal service-minded company. We personally stand behind every instrument we build, and our good reputation depends on your satisfaction. We enjoy hearing from you. We do not anticipate that you will ever experience mechanical failure, but if problems do occur, we will be happy to troubleshoot, tech support, and repair your instrument. You will be responsible for shipping charges, as well as customs, duties, taxes, etc. where applicable. Zendrum will be responsible for parts and labor only. 
David Haney, Inventor and Co-Founder
Zendrum Instrument Warranty
The Zendrum is warranted “for life” (meaning David Haney’s lifetime, not yours) from defects in workmanship, provided it has not been modified or abused. The warranty is in effect as long as you are the original owner of this instrument. It is the sole judgment of Zendrum Corporation to decide what constitutes abnormal wear and tear. Tampering with circuit board or components will void your warranty and could permanently damage your instrument.
This instrument is designed by drummers to be played vigorously with the hands. It is not intended to be played with sticks, and doing so will ultimately void your warranty as well as damage the body and triggers.
Zendrumdrive Warranty
Every Zendrumdrive is warranted for one year from date of purchase provided that it has not been abused, modified, or altered. What constitutes normal wear and tear is the sole discretion of Zendrum Corporation. We will warranty parts and labor and our default programming only. We cannot warranty additional software or hardware you install, or any other files you upload from any source. We cannot warranty any changes you make to our settings or configurations. In the event of shipping back for service issues, you will be responsible for all shipping fees, proper packaging, and providing adequate insurance coverage. You must understand and accept your personal responsibility before connecting your Zendrumdrive to the internet, downloading and installing software or hardware. While it is possible to do many things other than the default programming and setup performed by Zendrum Corporation, our legal liability for your actions must end where your personal actions, including but not limited to alterations and modifications, begin. 
In the event that you wish to return a Zendrum Instrument, Zendrumdrive, or any other product sold to you by Zendrum Corporation, you must notify Zendrum Corporation within 2 weeks of delivery of your order, including an explaination of why you seek a refund and full disclosure of any other contributing factors. Upon approval by David Haney, you must then carefully pack and ship your product (following the packing and shipping guidelines that will be given to you upon approval) back to Zendrum Corporation for inspection. You will be soley responsible for all shipping charges associated with any return or denied return inspection. To meet return inspection requirements, your product must be in the exact condition that it left Zendrum Corporation in. If your product passes inspection by David Haney, whose sole discretion determines return inspection requirement passage or failure, you will then be issued a refund minus any shipping charges paid, and minus a 15 percent restocking fee. The net refund minus any fees will be paid to you within 30 days of inspection and final approval by David Haney. If your product fails to pass return inspection at the sole discretion of David Haney, your instrument will be shipped back to you, and you will be responsible for any and all shipping charges. However, before pursuing a return or refund, please allow us to Tech Support whatever issues you may have.
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