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Zendrum (V3) ZX Owner's Manual
Zendrum LT (V3) (Laptop) Owner's Manual
ZAP (V3) Owner's Manual


Zendrummer: Erich Davis, Intro by Psyche of Sound (QT 1.6MB)

Zendrum Promo Video including Zendrummers Futureman, Billy Cobham, Mick Fleetwood, John Mahon and others (QT 14.5MB)

Zendrummer: David Kuckhermann, Triggering Various Drum and Percussion Sounds (MPEG 8.8MB)

Zendrummer: David Kuckhermann, In-depth demonstration of One handed drumset groove-playing, 16th hi hat, etc, with slow motion detais (WMV 9.8MB)

Zendrummer: John Emrich, live duo performance video (WMV 12.6MB)

Zendrummer: Keith Wilson, Zendrum performances with the band "Ethnotek" (QT 6.0MB)

Zendrummer: Keith Wilson, promo video of Mo'Rockin Live Performance (QT 19.1MB)

Zendrummer: Mike Farrell, studio rehearsal Zendrum demo video (WMV 7MB)

Zendrummer: Rob Silverman, Zendrum solo performed on two Zendrums live in concert (wmv5MB)

Zendrum Interviews from 1994-1995 including Billy Cobham, Futureman, Mick Fleetwood, David Romero, Sonny Emory (link to offsite)



Mofobia's Oh, yeah? Uh Oh . . ., featuring David Haney - creator of the Zendrum

Tom Roady's One Tribe

"The focus of the One Tribe CD is to illustrate exactly how musical and sensitive the ZENDRUM is as a controller."
- Tom Roady

"Quite organic, ambient, intense, and mostly live. Textural playgrounds that stand strong. The best example yet of the capabilities of the ZENDRUM as an earthly instrument."
- Modern Drummer

Tom Roady - Zendrum layered multi-track percussion - sandrum, triangles, hand drums, bata, djembe', synth marimba, bottles, synth guitar, rhythm flute, piano
David Haney - Zendrum Drumset, solo
Gary Lunn - fretless bass

Jordan Lipp with Jive Turkey

"Jive Turkey is a trio based out of southern Connecticut and New York City that is firmly rooted in the jazz tradition, yet committed to ushering it into the 21st century . The trio brings together cutting-edge technology, sophisticated and highly developed approaches to composition and improvisation, and a fearless sense of stylistic and sonic hybridization in order to create new music which is undeniably jazz, yet is strongly influenced and informed by the myriad ways in which music has evolved and advanced over recent years."

The cut is from their latest CD There Are No Words.

Paul Lipp - guitar
John Davis - bass
Jordan Lipp - Zendrum

For more Jordan Lipp and Jive Turkey information, check out their Web site.


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